Upcycled plastic Jewellery Workshop

For this Christmas season we have organized some jewellery making workshops for kids and teenagers using upcycled plastic.

Thomas Ayers

di Thomas Halford Ayers

In today’s era of recycling and separated waste collection, we are conveying lots of our energies to protect our planet from scattering plastic into the environment. The British School Pisa Group has taken this matter at heart and decided to organize workshop to raise awareness about it. For this Christmas season we have organized some jewellery making workshops for kids and teenagers using upcycled plastic.
Water and liquid soap plastic bottles are magically transformed into bracelets, necklaces and keyrings. All items are decorated using nail varnish.

upcycled plastic workshop





Some facts and information about upcycling and recycling:

RECYCLING: transforming waste material into new usable material

UPCYCLING: reuse of objects and/or waste material for the production of new daily use items in a manner to crate a new product that has greater value than the original one.

– recycling helps to decelerate climate change
– recycling reduces the emission of gases that create greenhouse effect

– upcycling does not include the emission of greenhouse gases
– modify/re-use of waste objects does not imply environmentally chemical procedures
– often objects that are reused will not need to be moved far, therefore there will be less gas emission for transportation

– purchase
– use
– waste

upcycled plastic

These bottles in not recycled Properly will stay on our planet for at least 400 years,plastic objects that were produced in 1950 are still on our planet. Each day 1 million plastic bottles are produced daily. most of these bottles are not recycled. Using water bottles that can be washed and re-used can improve decreasing the pollution of our planet. The big difference is made by the fashion industry when using eco-friendly production techniques to help the environment. Recycling water bottles has the following advantages:

  • use less petrol
  • less gas emission from incinerators
  • less space used on wasteland

upcycled plastic nike

NIKE has developed a new type of trainers called FLYKNIT. These shoes are made using 60% less waste material. Each pair of these shoes is made with the equivalent of 6 recycled water bottles.

upcycled plastic adidas

PARLEY FOR OCEANS is an organisation that promotes the safeguard of the oceans. In collaboration with Adidas they have created a new pair of shoes: Adidas Ultra Boost Parley. These shoes are made with eco-friendly material. Each pair is made using 11 plastic water bottles. The colours of these shoes reminds of the colours of the ocean.

girlfriend collective

GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE is a company which produces leggings and sportwear made using eco-friendly material. Well-known for it’s elasticity girlfriend collective’s leggings are made using the material recovered from 25 plastic water bottles.

upcycled plastic patagonia

Since 1993 Patagonia has been producing polyester that comes from plastic water bottles. Patagonia is the first fashion brand worldwide to have been using recycled materials for it’s garments collection. They produce the following items: t-shirts, rucksacks, outerwear fashion garments.


ADAY is a fashion brand well-known for it’s garment that follow minimal, clean lines. Aday also produce the waste nothing jacket: a jacket made using 41 plastic bottles.

rothy's shoes

ROTHY’S is a shoe brand well-known in New York and San Francisco; it produces ballerina shoes made with 100% recycled material. Rothy’s Ballerina’s soles are entirely made with other shoes recycled material. Up to today Rothy’s has recycled 13 million plastic water bottles. These ballerina shoes are made with 3D printers, resulting soft, durable and flexible. These shoes can even be put in the washing machine.

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Thomas Halford Ayers

British-Italian Thomas Halford Ayers was born and raised in Tuscany, amongst the breath-taking landscapes and beautiful beaches of the Italian west coast. In 1998 he moved to London to take on a place at the prestigious 'Central Saint Martins', where he studied Design and Fashion before moving on to 'Goldsmiths University' of London. He worked as Designer and Marketing specialist across UK, Italy, The Netherlands and Austria.

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