How has the Internet changed our lives?

Let’s read about some native digital’s opinions

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di Carla Zimanglini

How has the Internet changed our lives since 1991? Drastically, from communicating to travelling, from shopping to studying, right now our lives without the Internet would be impossible. So what did we do before its invention? We asked some digital natives their opinions on this as well as its usefulness and its benefits.

Now with the internet some things are worse but some are better. There are so many dangers and even a new way of bullyism: cyberbullying.

It’s about insulting or threating someone via internet or socials. But let’s look at the good side of the internet. On the internet we can find inspirations, creative ways of decorating or online shops for clothing or random stuff.
I use internet as a dictionary, to listen to music, to watch some shows, for school assignments or with socials. Before this invention, people might have listened to music on vinyls or walkman, watched shows only on tv and used paper dictionaries when they needed to. These people couldn’t do many things at the time, like videocalling each other or watching videos whenever they wanted, but, maybe, there was a stronger friendship between them.
Finally I think that there are many things that before were boring but now, with the internet they have changed into something entertaining, like studing. It might have been boring to study all the time on a book but now it’s easier. If we search for information online we can also find some videos with the explanation. So internet can help you with everything other than making real friends. CHIARA MATTONAI

Internet has changed people’s lives a lot. People generally using Internet for a lot of things: watching films, searching things about celebrities, searching things for homework…
Before the Internet people used to search for things through the books, and the things about celebrities in the magazines. I think that with the Internet you can have a better vision to all the things, because you can have more information than the past. I think that the Internet has improved people’s lives a lot because thanks to the Internet a lot of new research has been done also in the scientific field.  CHIARA PANCHETTI

I think that in 1991 people used internet to search for something interesting or to study, but today we use the web for many things. For example we watch some videos on Youtube for entertainment or buy clothes on amazon because they cost less. Before 1991 I think that people couldn’t study on internet because there weren’t enough literary sources, and in the past I think that there wasn’t Youtube or similar sites where people could enjoy and pass the time. Personally internet is a fantastic invention because now we can do things that in the past we couldn’t do but if we use too much, it can become harmful also because to use the internet we need a mobile phone or a computer and spending too much time in front of a screen can cause many sight problems. Internet is beautiful but let’s use it sensibly. FILIPPO CERRAI

I was born in 2007, when internet had already a very important role in people’s life. So for me it’s difficult to imagine a life without internet.
Me and the people I know usually use internet to surf on the web, searching informations, videos, articles and other things, or we use it to connect each other with social media’s help. In this period, with the pandemic, internet it’s used even more. Without it, we couldn’t have been informed about the situation of the virus and about its worldwide diffusion as much as we are now. Internet is useful for students too, all the year, but especially in this period, because we couldn’t go to school and we have been forced to join video lessons.
Before 1991, people couldn’t use internet, but I think that it was out of everyone’s imagination. Talking with my relatives, I know that people could communicate each other only using landline phone, they could know news only reading newspapers, listening to the radio or watching TV. The positive side of living without internet is that people stayed more together and, to talk about something, they had to meet.
In the past, when you needed to talk with someone, you had to wait until you met this person. Now, you can write lots of texts or you can send vocals every time you want. The communication over the world is easier. Also, now you can send for message or for email photos, videos, links and documents. In the past you had to write letters or you had to send things just by postal service.
I think people’s life, in some respects, have been improved with internet’s arrive. For instance, important things, like in this pandemic moment, are known by everyone and get in touch is possible at every time. On the other side, internet has ruined people’s life because a lot of them spend too much time surfing on web and they forget about the real world. Internet is a very useful thing, if it’s used correctly.

Me and the people I know use the internet to search the news of the day , something that interests us, for watching a film or to chat with our friends.
I think that people in 1991 did this thing maybe by books or by television and to speak with their friends they had to meet them face to face.
I think that now by internet we can know the news straight away, in the past that wasn’t possible and they had to wait many days before they could hear the news or maybe another things is video call friend, in 1991 that was impossibile and they had to hang out together if they wanted to speak.
In my opinion the internet and the web have improved people’s lives because the internet helps us with school and with work, quickly and safely.

After the invention of internet, people started to be connected with each other in every place of the world. Using internet on the website you can do everything you want such as: going shopping, creating a new digital web, looking for words that you don’t know the meaning and speaking with your friends.Before technology, people had telephones or paper messages, and you had to spend a lot of time to look for dictionary, which are sometimes heavy.
Of course there are some special things that you can only do with the internet, for example: website, online chats, buying something online without going to the shop.
In the end the invention of the internet had revolutionized our lives because doing everyday things we are became faster and smarter.

I think the internet has changed people’s lives deeply. Today we use internet for everything! With it we can do things like: buy things, search information, and know other people from all over the world. Before the internet was born there were other ways to understand and know important things, but I think that they weren’t as good as the internet. The worldwide web lets us do things that we couldn’t do in the past. For example it was impossible to chat instantly with a person in another country. Even if there are people who don’t use it properly, I want to say that, if we like it or not, the internet has certainly improved our lives, and now we can’t live without it. FRANCESCO GHILLI

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