Slow thinking, Fast thinking

In the language used by students of dyslexic problems “fast thinking” is termed “automaticity”. “Slow thinking” is what sufferers from dyslexia experience when reading a fairly normal printed page. They do not have the automaticity which most people have when reading.

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Healing as Killing

"Healing as Killing" is the title of a chapter in Psychopolitics. As usual Byung-Chul is questioning whether humanity is moving in the right direction: or, more to the point, as in his book 'The Scent of Time' (dyschronicity and the art of lingering), whether the mere fact of wanting to move somewhere may not be at the root of the problem.

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Wu Flu and “Le conseguenze dell’amore”

Wu flu is Wuhan influenza; Rona. We thought it was a joke, until it turned into covid and started killing people. He said he didn't know who he caught it from. His wife said she didn't know, but he must have caught it from someone, someone's droplets; someone who wasn't social distancing properly...

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One page at a time

Some of us have books which define specific moments in our lives, we remember where we read them for the first time or what was happening in our lives when we picked up that novel for the first time. I remember my Dad reading to me until I fell asleep, Black Beauty was my favour and I always fought sleep to stay with the story...

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Volete sapere come è nata la British School di Pisa?

Nel 1978 scappa dalla guerra civile legata all’Apartheid, insieme a sua moglie Honor, il Prof. Robin Routledge. Rifugiatisi in Italia e protetti dal Governo italiano come dissidenti politici, si stabiliscono in Toscana, a Livorno precisamente. Arrivato in Italia, e grazie al suo background accademico come insegnante di letteratura inglese presso l’Università di Johannesburg...

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How has the Internet changed our lives since 1991?

How has the Internet changed our lives since 1991? Drastically, from communicating to travelling, from shopping to studying, right now our lives without the Internet would be impossible. So what did we do before its invention? we asked some digital natives their opinions on this as well as its usefulness and its benefits.

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